1. Very nice elderly couple in Glenview is looking for a physically strong live in female caregiver. 5-7 days per week, $300 p/d. Good English, DL, car and experience is required. 
  2. Elderly couple in Northbrook is looking for a female caregiver. Come & go, 5 days per week (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue & Wend), from 5 PM to 9 PM, $20.00 p/h. Good English, DL,  car and experience is required.
  3. Elderly lady in Buffalo Grove is looking for a live in female caregiver. 7 days per week, $180 per day. Good English and experience is required. No driving necessary. 
  4. Elderly lady in Buffalo Grove is looking for a physically strong female caregiver. Live in, every weekend, 2 days, Sat & Sun, $250.00 per/day. Good English, DL and car is required. 
  5. We have a lot of different weekend positions available for both male and female caregivers, please, come in person and register with us in person.

January 11, 2021

At Your Service/Eurocare Agency

The oldest agency in Chicago offers very good jobs.

181 Waukegan Rd, Ste201

Northfield, IL 60641

Phone: (773) 545 56 85



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